About Us

The Horning’s Mills Community Hall Board is made up of Melancthon community volunteers. The board raises funds to maintain the community hall, upgrade its facilities to meet with current codes and community needs, and to host community events. Fundraisers are held throughout the year and posted to this site and to the facebook page.

2016 Horning’s Mills Hall Board
Sarah Harrison, Debbie Fawcett, Debbie Gee, James Webster, Jennifer Weaver

The Hamlet of Horning’s Mills is the largest community in Melancthon. Upon visiting, you’ll notice that the hamlet has remained quite untouched since its inception.  Most of the buildings were constructed between 1850-1880 and are in fantastic condition. The Horning’s Mills Community Hall, located at the heart of the hamlet, hosts numerous community events and activities throughout the year.  In 2011, in conjunction with an Ontario Trillium Grant, improvements were undertaken to make both floors of the hall wheelchair accessible.


History of Horning’s Mills 

In 1830 Lewis Horning, a successful settler from the Hamilton area, located in this vicinity with his family. He cleared 80 acres of land and built a sawmill, grist-mill and frame house, but later returned to Hamilton. With the opening of a government road through the district in 1848, the few families who had settled near Horning’s Mills were joined by others and a post office was opened in 1851.

The locality’s excellent waterpower attracted industry and by the closing decades of the century the village boasted six or seven mills, various tradesmen and shopkeepers, a public school, three churches and approximately 350 inhabitants. Horning’s Mills was an important pioneer settlement in this region of Ontario.