About The Horning’s Mills Hall


Fun events, fundraisers, and classes are held throughout the year and posted to this website and to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/horningsmills

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The picturesque and historic hamlet of Horning’s Mills is the largest community in Melancthon Township, and our Community Hall also serves the neighbouring settlements of Riverview, Corbetton and all surrounding rural residents of Melancthon.

The Horning’s Mills Community Hall Board is made up of community volunteers. The Board helps operate and maintain the Township owned building and hosts community events.

Renovations by dedicated and generous local volunteers have kept the Hall beautifully updated and maintained.  In conjunction with an Ontario Trillium Grant, improvements were undertaken to make both floors of the hall wheelchair accessible.  


Upon visiting Horning’s Mills, you’ll notice that the hamlet has remained quite untouched since its inception in 1830.  Most of the buildings were constructed between 1850-1880 and are in fantastic condition within the beautiful natural setting of the Pine River Valley, surrounded by prime farmland and the Niagara Escarpment.

The Horning’s Mills Community Hall is the lovingly maintained Women’s Institute Hall, located at the heart of the hamlet at 14 Mill Street, also known as River Road.

To learn more about the history of Horning’s Mills and our Community Hall, visit our ‘History’ page.

This historic photograph shows the north-west view of the village, where Main Street meets the Pine River.


Interested in volunteering at an event, or starting an initiative of your own?  Get involved in your community, help out and have fun! High School student volunteer hours available.  Get in touch with the Horning’s Mills Community Hall Board by calling or emailing the Township of Melancthon at 519-925-5525 or  [email protected]  

Wondering how you can help our community hall? Make a donation to the building or an event, or ask a business you know!

The Horning’s Mills Community Hall, restored from the historic Women’s Institute Building.